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Thank you for visiting Hardbodies Strippers! If you desire
the very best in live adult entertainment, then you have come to the right
place. Hardbodies  prides itself on
having the highest quality male and female exotic dancers and strippers in ALL
of New England. Servicing Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New
Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, our New England Strippers are top-notch. The
sheer majority come to your house for your bachelor, stag, frat, or birthday
party, right out of local strip clubs- we don’t use second rate talent that
other agencies do- give us a call and we’ll even point you in their direction,
so your own eyes can compare. Check out our latest party pics and book your
Exotic Dancer for your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party.


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Our exclusive strippers come to where you are, strip totally
naked, tease you privately, up close and personal, then got hot with each other
in explicit girl + girl action! Our gorgeous strippers are known for their
class, sex appeal, and outstanding personalities. We are the premiere stripper
service for all of New England. Let another company tell you otherwise- we will
meet them ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and have our girls stand side by side with theirs-
and you tell US who you want to do your party- we wouldn’t make this outrageous
claim unless we already knew we had the best talent around. CALL us on our

Our Strippers (Male or Female) just don’t do Bachelor
Parties, we do shows for any occasion, at any location. Indulge your fantasy,
and enjoy a stripper show in your home, office, hotel room. We also go to
restaurants, motels, bars, yachts, catering halls, nightclubs, firehouses or
any location! No function is too big or too small for New England Strip.
Exceptionally impressive for business entertaining.

For the GIRLS:

Girls just want to have fun. That’s why our chiseled
heartthrobs have been making bachelorette parties more enjoyable in Rhode
Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire for the
past 11 years. Our male strippers are the very best in New England- no if’s,
ands, or buts about it- well, maybe a few rock-hard butts. Our male exotic
dancers have been featured in Playgirl, Men’s Health, Fitness for Men Only, and
Workout World. Several have even been in adult films, or have had air-time as
radio/TV personalities.

For the GUYS:

Hardbodies prides itself on customer satisfaction. Our
business philosophy is that advertising is expensive; therefore, the best kind
of advertising one can have is by doing the job right the first time. If you
treat your customers fairly and deal with them honestly, then they will be
appreciative in turn with repeat business. Building a name that is synonymous with
quality, Hardbodies Strippers is adamant on this point: We would rather NOT
perform at a show, and then send a girl who is not of quality to handle
it.” Other agencies will leap at the opportunity to send talent that they
do not have to pay to shows, to maximize profit margin. But utilizing the top
talent in the Northeast Hardbodies Strippers cuts its’ take on each show
greatly- but our customers are coming back time and time again.

Other agencies call us crazy for promising certain girls-
their entire business is BASED on the bait and switch tactic- they simply don’t
have the girls they advertise on their webpages- we do. That is why we CAN
deliver specific girls, a huge percentage of the time. Once again, CALL us on
our ‘bluff’.

Also- make other companies meet OUR standard- we have a
‘slam the door’ guarantee- if you don’t like what you see, slam the door in the
face of the dancers. No other company will meet that guarantee, because once
again, they know they’d never have shows completed- EVERY show would be

For more information please call our office at 877-583-4017 or fill out our Online Booking form and one of our representatives can help assist you in your next event.


Serving all of MA, RI, CT, NH, ME, VT, NY.


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